Clever business cards

BY   /   No Comments   /   February 1, 2015

Business cards have been a staple and a common element of many businesses for decades. It not only advertises the business, it also promotes the brand to customers far and wide. However, for a long while now, the design has remained somewhat stagnant. A rectangular card with printed designs and details conveys the most basic information possible, and in most cases it is adequate. Doing anything more would simply increase costs incurred to the business, and many may see it as an unnecessary expense as a result. But there are times when a more eye-catching and interesting card design is warranted, especially if it starts to bring in more business.

Clever business cards are also nothing new, they’ve been around for quite some time as well. The difference these days, is that print costs have reduced significantly to the point where clever ideas can now be implemented on cards, all without putting too much of a dent on the small budgets of businesses. The benefits are numerous – customers remember interesting cards that uniquely identify with just that brand, clever card ideas stand out from the competition, in some cases there are practical benefits to unconventional cards, and so on. The question then comes down to what design suits your business. This depends on a lot of factors, the most important of which is the unique brand value of the business. Translate that cleverly into physical form, and people will remember it.